FrequentlyAsked Questions

Olive Epitome is an e-commerce platform which specializes in extra virgin olive oil. In our e-shop we present a wide range of varieties and labels from all over Greece, focusing above all on excellent quality. We thus endeavour to promote standardized Greek extra virgin olive oil while disseminating knowledge in order to initiate the consumer into the magic of flavour, aromas and the beneficial properties for health of this unique product.

There is no physical store for the time being, we only operate through the internet.

At Olive Epitome you can purchase the products from the main menu on the landing page and choose the category and subcategory which interests you. Alternatively, you can choose specific products suggested in our recipes and our mix & match selections.

You may insert the product, olive variety or region that interests you in the search engine on the top right corner of the site and the suggested results will appear.

You may choose any of the below methods of payment:

  • Bank transfer

  • Cash on delivery with an extra 1€ + VAT 24% (only for domestic deliveries)

  • Using credit, debit and prepaid cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, Discover.

  • Using the electronic wallet Masterpass.

  • Using Paypal

At this given moment, purchases are made with € (Euro).

If your purchase has been approved, your card will be charged immediately at the end of your order where you will receive a confirmation message at the email address you have provided.

Σε περίπτωση που δεν μπορείτε να ολοκληρώσετε την πληρωμή σας:

• Ελέγξτε τα στοιχεία της κάρτας σας και βεβαιωθείτε ότι όλες οι πληροφορίες είναι σωστές. • Βεβαιωθείτε ότι πληκτρολογήσατε σωστά τον κωδικό ασφαλείας (ο τριψήφιος αριθμός στο πίσω μέρος της κάρτας σας). • Ελέγξτε με τον εκδότη της κάρτας σας ή την υπηρεσία PayPal.

Εάν έχετε δοκιμάσει όλα τα παραπάνω και εξακολουθείτε να αντιμετωπίζετε προβλήματα, παρακαλούμε επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας στo τηλ 210 3003934. ή μέσο ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου στο

At Olive Epitome you can complete your purchase quickly and easily as a temporary user without creating an account.

Once you have created an Olive Epitome account, you can easily make changes to your personal and payment details, see your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses, and edit your password.

You can retrieve your password from your account’s control panel by clicking on the “Lost your password?” field and then you will be prompted to create a new password.

Your safety is our primary concern. In any case, the use of your personal data is absolutely secure by maintaining a GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium online security protocol.

SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) creates a secure, encrypted link between the user and the website, preventing the theft of sensitive data such as credit card numbers, names and addresses.

You can contact us in the following ways:

• Fill in your details and your message in the contact form you will find here.

• Call us at 210 3003934.

• Through Facebook by clicking here.

• Through Tweeter by clicking here.

• Through Pinterest by clicking here.

• Through LinkedIn by clicking here.

Shipping charges in Greece are at a fixed cost of € 3.9 including VAT without any restrictions (eg weight or inaccessible areas). Additionally, free shipping is provided for amounts over € 50.

For orders outside Greece, please see the Terms of Use and Shipping and Delivery Policy here.

For orders made in Greece there are no extra charges for taxes, duties or fees.

For orders placed within the EU, additional charges may arise in case air transport is selected where fuel surcharges, eventual duties, taxes and customs charges are not included. The shipping cost is always confirmed before shipping the order and is charged to the buyer.

For orders outside the EU, the extra charges (fuel surcharge, duties, taxes and customs charges) weigh on the buyer with the total cost always confirmed before the order is dispatched.

The delivery time for shipments in Greece is 1 to 3 working days by courier from the completion of the order.

Delivery time for shipments outside Greece varies depending on shipping mode (by air or road transport). For more details click here.

Due to the sensitive nature of our products, deliveries to a Post Office Box are not made.

Orders that enter the distribution centre system until 12.00pm are processed for shipment (delivered to the courier) on the same day. Orders that enter the system after 12.00pm are handled for shipment the following day.

Therefore, until your order is delivered to the courier, you can make any changes you wish otherwise we will not be able to modify or change the delivery and payment method.

The delivery address may be modified only in case that your order has been registered after 12.00pm on the day of the order.

To locate your order, please click on the “Track Shipping” link, enter your Order ID in the box and click on the “Track” button. You will find this on your receipt and the confirmation email you have received.

After confirming your order no cancellation is allowed.

If your order has not been delivered at the estimated delivery date according to the confirmation email you received, please contact us having available the following information:

• Your order number
• Your account details
• Your order cost
• Your payment details

If you have already made a purchase and the product is exhausted, we will contact you directly to notify you of any delay in the shipment, to send you a similar one or to return your money.

Additionally, if a product is exhausted, there will be a specific indication “exhausted”.

The product may be returned even if its packaging has been opened if a defect is found within the content that is inconsistent with the nature of the product sold and is not due to misuse of the consumer or violation of the instructions for use of the product which are included within. In any case, the product to be replaced should be returned with all the documents accompanying it (eg invoice, retail receipt, etc.) and it should not have been removed from its packaging. For more details click here.