Continuous education on the techniques of olive oil production – judgement and appreciation of extra virgin olive oil.

Our relationship
with the producer

Building a strong relationship with the producers who support and share our passion for the promotion of the product is very important for us at Olive Epitome. Following closely the different stages of production through to the final product in order to guarantee its quality.

They guide us through all stages of production, from the specific cultivation and oil extraction process to the packaging and storage of the final product, giving us the opportunity to gain a personal view while building a relationship of mutual trust. Control by the producer throughout the production chain from cultivation to packaging is a key ingredient in guaranteeing product quality.

Meticulous choice
and dissemination
of Greek varieties

Specific attention given to the selection of the brands and their promotion. Make known the different Greek varieties of extra virgin olive oil to the consumer and the specific value and benefit that this product offers.

and education
of the consumer

The power of knowledge lies in its dissemination, that is why at Olive Epitome we are addressing the consumer not as a simple buyer but as a potentially informed consumer. We want to initiate and educate him how to distinguish extra virgin olive oil from other categories of olive oil and discover what suits his tasting preferences.

Ensure storage
and shipping
of the product

We collaborate with a storing and logistics company certified in the food industry. Olive oil is stored in dark controlled temperature rooms to ensure and extend the quality of the juice until it reaches the final recipient.