The idea

Ideas which express the needs of today and hopefully of tomorrow, outline a course in history with the acquisition of knowledge and experience. For Greece and its people, the olive tree represents not only a sacred tree producing a nutritious and aromatic food but also a symbol associated with Greek civilization and peace. As such it was presented as a trophy (olive branch) to the winners in all the Olympic contests.

In Greece today the cultivation of olive trees is evident in most parts of the country. Continuous efforts in specific methods of production are being made to sustain the quality of extra virgin olive oil (the epitome of olive oil). Our focus is on disseminating the art of olive oil production, of the highest quality – extra virgin – and on the development of an open channel of communication between the producer and consumer.

The history of the cultivation of olive trees is intricately meshed with man’s development and his respect and devotion to the art of olive oil production. Our extensive search in Greece for the different varieties of olives and special brands for extra virgin olive oil resulted in the quality that Epitome represents and offers.