The Sin Oil Cold Smoked Strong 100 ml


The Sin Oil Cold Smoked Strong

The Sin Oil Cold Smoked Strong is a unique product in the category of the flavoured olive oils, which is produced through an original method, which consists in the cold smoking of the extra virgin olive oil of the Amfissis and Koroneiki varieties, in temperature-controlled chambers by burning different types of wood, maintaining to the maximum the nutritional value and quality of the olive oil.

Heavily smoked, with a strong taste of smoke in the nose and mouth, it is added raw at the end of each preparation, elevating the tasting experience of a simple green salad, a soup or a grilled meat to a bitter chocolate mousse. By enhancing the taste of your dishes, you will discover unexpected flavors and aromas, turning a common preparation into the ultimate tasting sin!

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Efthimios Christakis – The Sin Oil Cold Smoked Strong 100 ml – Smoked Olive Oil The company Efthymios Christakis, named after its founder, has been active in the olive oil sector since 2012 and is based in Germany. Originally from Agrinio, Efthimios grew up in Germany and from a young age came in contact with the field of gastronomy as his parents ran a restaurant. The primary production sector gained its interest, initially choosing to study at the School of Fisheries & Aquaculture Technology of the Technical Educational Institute of Messolonghi, while a few years later, at the age of 25, the olive oil sector attracted his interest and became his main occupation. It was the time when the development of more advanced technologies for the production of premium olive oils began, which were promoted in exhibitions throughout Europe. Efthimios’ systematic engagement with olive oil through tasting seminars, trips to international exhibitions and the creation of a professional promotion channel in the current standards of social media, gained the attention of large olive oil companies, which entrusted him with their products for their marketing promotion international food fairs. With important milestones such as the promotion of the World Olive Oil Bar Exhibition in Madrid as well as the Chamber of Commerce in Portugal, Efthimios gained not only recognition and reward from the leading companies in the industry but mainly valuable experience and knowledge, which led him after years of experimenting, in the creation of the smoked olive oil The Sin Oil, with a patent. It is worth mentioning that his involvement with the tasting of olive oil was not limited to the tasting of the product as such but in its combination with haute gastronomy and confectionery, creating imaginative combinations. Participating in tasting festivals of various products but also training future chefs in leading cooking schools in Germany and Austria, where the use of olive oil constitutes a separate teaching unit, gave rise to the idea of the smoked olive oil with a natural method. The production facilities of the company are located in the area of Agrinio in a fully vertical unit with privately owned mountainous and semi-mountainous olive groves in the greater area of Agrinio.  The smoking method is carried out in two phases, where the first consists in the controlled burning of wood with resistors (the resistor is pulsed, ie heated abruptly to produce smoke and not through the classical method with fire) in a special chamber for the production of smoke. Different types of wood are used for burning, but mainly oak. In the second phase follows the transfer of the smoke through special pipes to a different chamber where it comes in contact with the olive oil. The transfer enhances the temperature drop of the smoke as it cools inside the pipes. During the process the olive oil does not exceed temperatures of 22-23 oC, thus preserving its nutrients and quality. The varieties cultivated for the production of The Sin Oil Cold Smoked Strong 100 ml are Amfissis and Koroneiki.
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Amfissis, Koroneiki

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July 2025

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