Olympian Myth Olympia PGI EVOO 100ml


Olympian Myth Olympia PGI is an extra virgin olive oil from the Koroneiki and the indigenous Kolireiki varieties which bears the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) seal, certifying its origin from the area of Ancient Olympia. Harvesting takes place during the months of December to January when the fruit is ripe, followed by the olive extraction in the family’s own olive mill, filtering and bottling with the use of nitrogen.

The image of the owl, a timeless symbol of wisdom, borne on its label, is an initiation into the world of extra virgin olive oil, displaying mild characteristics of ripe fruit in the nose which are harmoniously accompanied by mild notes of bitter and spicy elements leaving a velvety feeling as an aftertaste in the mouth.

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The Olive Temple – Olympian Myth Olympia PGI EVOO

The Karabelas family already counts four generations in the cultivation of olives and the production of extra virgin olive oil around Ancient Olympia. When Dimitris Karabelas, a third-generation descendant, and Franca Magrini, came together under a common vision, bringing the traditions of two Mediterranean countries on olive growing as well as their common love for this sacred place, they created in 2008 the company “Agriturismo Magna Grecia”. The company’s activities focus on the development of agritourism in the region and the promotion of the family’s products while at the same time being a point of reference in advancing the culture and tradition of Ancient Olympia which is a source of inspiration and admiration.

Taking the baton from their parents, Alexis and Francesco, inspired by the history and tradition of their homeland, with a focus on new technologies that allow full control of the production process and the final product, created The Olive Temple, a “temple” dedicated exclusively to the olive tree. With studies at the Polytechnic and Agricultural University respectively, they combined their cognitive subjects taking advantage of the privately owned olive groves of 180 acres, next to which they installed the modern two-phase olive mill from Tuscany, whose innovative functions ensure the organoleptic characteristics and high nutritional value of the olive oil while at the same time bearing the ISO and HACCP certification for the production, storage and standardization of the final product. Respect and harmonization with the natural environment with predominant characteristics the Mediterranean climate of the region, ideal for the cultivation of olives, the location of the olive groves at low altitudes and in fertile plains, between the rivers Alfeios and Kladeos, important for the irrigation of crops, dictate the selection of organic farming and the management and recycling of crop and production residues which are used as fertilizer and fuel to meet the energy needs of the facility. The commitment to product quality conveying valuable knowledge to the consumer is expressed through the innovative project “My ID Project”, which through a unique QR code that carries each package, informs about the origin and cultivation, quality characteristics (chemical analysis and organoleptic evaluation) and the gastronomic suggestions of each product.

The products under the label of The Olive Temple, are developed in two separate collections, the first “Laurel & Flame” develops mainly early harvest single-variety extra virgin olive oils with particular sensory characteristics and in limited quantity while the second “Olympian Myth” mainly promotes the Koroneiki variety and to a lesser extent the local Kolireiki, from semi-ripe and ripe fruits with milder characteristics, which is intended for daily use. The extra virgin olive oils of the two collections bear the Health Claim while they have won the Gold Award from the World Health Organization.

The varieties cultivated for the production of Olympian Myth Olympia PGI EVOO, are Koroneiki and kolireiki.


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