Ol’eve Early Harvest Organic EVOO 100ml


Ol’eve Organic EVOO is a monovarietal organic extra virgin olive oil from the indigenous Kolovi variety.

The model ecosystem as well as the passion of the people who created it, contribute decisively to the organoleptic profile of the product, transporting us through a delicious experience, starting from the intense fruity aroma of freshly cut grass and artichoke, which culminates in the mouth with a moderately bitter and a moderate to intense spicy element with elegant notes of raw nuts, giving it character and leaving a gentle imprint that discreetly escapes from our palette.

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Falcon S.A. – Ol’eve Early Harvest Organic EVOO

The family-owned company Falcon S.A. under the Ol’eve trademark operates in Sigri, a village in the western part of Lesvos, in a 2,000-acre area, in which they have created during the last 15 years, a model ecosystem of flora and fauna based on sustainability, biodiversity and biological agriculture.

Located at a short distance from the shores of the Aegean Sea, with mild temperature conditions throughout the year and long periods of sunshine, 40,000 olive trees of different varieties are cultivated, in a soil which is enriched exclusively with natural ingredients such as seaweed compost, rich in beneficial minerals and trace elements, animal by-products and pruning residues. The coexistence of other fruit and non-fruit trees contributes significantly to the biodiversity of the area while being a refuge for thousands of birds and animals. The project contributes significantly to the revitalization of a once deserted area, offering work to the local population and attracting a number of other professions, fulfilling the company’s commitment to the value of Corporate Social Responsibility, while erasing the carbon footprint of 2000 people. The company is vertically integrated following a linear production that adapts to the quality, variety and degree of ripeness of the fruit. The technologically advanced two-phase olive mill which is located in the same area applies the best practices for the oil extraction, recognizing the variety and degree of ripeness of the fruit while monitoring and controlling all stages of the procedure digitally.

The cultivation of the Kolovi variety takes place in an area singled out for its special biodiversity, namely it hosts olive trees of different varieties, fruit trees from figs, pomegranates and pistachio trees to palm trees and cypresses, birds and animals from sea gulls and geese to falcons and cormorants, while the soil is exclusively enriched with natural ingredients with the most original being seaweed compost, a fertilizer of organic origin. The combination of the fertile climate of the region as well as the optimum methods of cultivation, harvesting, oil extraction and storage which a vertical production and a dedicated and specialized team offer, guarantee the quality of the final product.

Harvesting begins in early October and is carried out exclusively by mechanical methods, thus ensuring the integrity of the fruit. The fruit is then transported directly to the privately-owned model mill to follow the two-phase method of oil extraction and immediate filtering using ecological filters. Storage in stainless steel tanks under controlled temperature conditions and the addition of nitrogen ensure the excellent quality and shelf life of the final product.

The company carries out thorough inspections and analyses at its facilities with high-tech equipment for each batch.

The variety cultivated for the production of Ol’eve Early Harvest Organic EVOO is Kolovi.


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