Natural Makri’s Dried Olives “Konos”


Natural Makri’s Dried Olives

The Natural Makri’s “Dried” Olives, of the Konos family business is a product of mature ripening of the Makri variety. After the first sorting, the fruit is fermented exclusively in salt following the natural fermentation process.

The fruit is of mild hardness and crispness with a moderate fibrous texture while there is minimal salinity and a very low moisture content. A sweet aroma emerges, characteristic of the Makri variety and a pleasantly bitter taste during aftertaste.

It can accompany ideally fresh salads or can simply be combined with red dry wine.

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Konos Table Olives – Natural Makri’s Dried Olives The Michelis Estate is located in Alexandroupoli, on the slopes of the Konos hill, where the sea breeze of the Thracian Sea, the altitude and the shale subsoil form the basis of the microclimate of the area. The olive grove is continuously enriched with olive trees of the local variety. The Michelis family has been active in the olive oil industry since the 1930s, in this specific location, continuously evolving the entire production line while enriching its knowledge in order to promote the special characteristics of the local variety. The harvesting of the fruit which is intended for table use begins in mid-October, using methods that ensure the integrity of the fruit and their rapid concentration. After rigorous sorting, the fruit is washed and placed in fermentation barrels where the minimization of the bitterness of the fruit is done naturally. Without chemical additives, the traditional fermentation process is applied which lasts from six to seven months. The processing and storage of the fruit takes place in a controlled, modern environment within the estate, where all the required specifications are applied. The olives are then packaged in glass jars or vacuum packs with the addition of brine depending on the product, highlighting the special characteristics of the variety. The variety cultivated for the production of Natural Makri’s “Dried” Olives is Makri.
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Table Olives






Alexandroupolis, Thrace




2019 -2020

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It can accompany ideally fresh salads or can simply be combined with red dry wine.



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