Natural Green olives with Mediterranean Herbs Alsea


Natural Green Olives with Mediterranean Herbs

Alsea’s Natural Green Olives with Mediterranean Herbs is a product of early ripening of the Agriniou variety. After the first sorting, the large fruit is carved and fermented solely in brine. Following the second sorting of the fruit, it is then marinated with aromatic herbs such as thyme, oregano and rosemary, to end up in glass jars with the addition of low salinity brine and fresh lemon juice.

The fruit is crunchy while a rich aroma emerges and a pleasant bitter taste during tasting. It is accompanies perfectly spicy cheeses and sausages, but also different drinks.

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Alsea Table Olives Alsea, with a long experience in the cultivation and production of extra virgin olive oil and table olives, began its standardization activity in 2017, setting premium quality as its goal and restoring old flavors and aromas by applying traditional methods of cultivation, extraction and fermentation, combining the positive developments offered today by technology and modern equipment. The olive trees grow in the region of Etoloakarnania in Central Greece, in areas around the Lake Trichonida extending to the hillside. The benefits from this region are the inclination and the diversity of the soil composition as well as the particular climatic conditions, which give rich and complex aromas to the final product. The olive fruit which is intended for table use differ from the olives for oil extraction due to the different pruning process in order to avoid any injury to the fruit. Watering follows the method of drip irrigation and harvesting is done exclusively by hand between the months of September and December depending on the desired result. After rigorous sorting, the fruit is washed and placed in fermentation barrels where the minimization of the bitterness of the fruit is done naturally (in the absence of chemical additives) following the traditional seven-month process. The olives are then packaged into elegant glass jars with the addition of extra virgin olive oil or brine depending on the product. The varieties cultivated are mainly Agriniou (>60%) and Kalamon. *Alsea (“alsos” in Greek means small forest) was a nymph, protector of nature, who was also cited in Homer.
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Table Olives




500ml (300ml drained weight)


Agrinio, Central Greece




2019 – 2020

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2019 Olymp Awards – Gold Quality

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