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Mythocia Early Harvest Organic EVOO


Papadopoulos’ Mythocia Olympia PGI Early Harvest Organic EVOO is a multi-award-winning extra virgin olive oil obtained from the Koroneiki variety. The organic cultivation accompanied by the experience, the excellent know-how and love for tradition produce a precious juice ideal for a healthy diet.

Intense fruity aromas of freshly cut grass, artichoke, almond, bitter chicory and tomato leaves are distinguished coupled with a medium intensity of bitter and spicy flavour.

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Papadopoulos Olive Oil – Mythocia Early Harvest Organic EVOO

The Papadopoulos Company is a family business with long experience in the industry of olive oil through its own well-equipped and modern mill as well as through its crops in the area of Ancient Olympia. By following the biodynamic method of cultivation, which is in a gradual process to obtain the Demeter certification, excluding the use of any synthetic fertilizers or other chemical preparations, the desired high quality of the juice is preserved.

Combining a well-trained staff with the constant search for new methods and techniques throughout the production chain, the company unveils and guarantees the unique flavours and fruity aromas, with respect to tradition, environment and biodiversity.

The olive harvest is carried out both by mechanical methods and by hand-picking when the fruit is still unripe. The oil extraction follows the cold pressed method.

The variety cultivated for the production of Mythocia Early Harvest Organic EVOO is Koroneiki.

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2019 -2020

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2019 Terra Olivo IOOC – Grand Prestige Gold
2019 Evo IOOC – Gold
2019 New York IOOC – Gold
2019 Biol IOOC – Extra Gold
2019 Olive Japan IOOC – Silver
2019 Joop – Best of Greece
2019 Joop – Best of Class PGI
2019 Athena IOOC – Bronze
2018 EVO IOOC – Gold
2018 New York IOOC – Silver
2018 Biol IOOC – Extra Gold
2018 JOOP – Best of Class
2018 JOOP – Best of Greece
2018 Los Angeles IOOC – Silver
2018 London IOOC – Silver
2017 Biol IOOC – Silver
2017 Biol Noovello – Extra Gold
2017 London IOOC – Bronze
2017 Domina IOOC – Silver
2016 Biol IOOC – Extra Gold
2016 Biol IOOC – Best Organic EVOO of Greece
2016 EVOO WR – EVOO of the year
2015 New York IOOC – Gold
2015 Biol IOOC – Silver


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