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ELAiKOS Blend Selection EVOO: The Elaikos Blend Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend of three varieties: Thasitiki, Halkidiki and Koroneiki. Unique for its bright green color as well as for the medium to intense complex fruity aroma of freshly cut grass, green banana, tomato leaves and artichoke. Distinguished also by a moderately bitter feeling and a more intense spicy taste with notes of pepper and spices.

Konos Premium Edition EVOO: The Extra Virgin Olive Oil KONOS Premium Edition of the Makri variety, is produced under the strictest standards and practices, with constant control over all production stages. Distinguished for the complexity of its aromas with a medium fruity aroma of flowers, apple, berries, tomato leafs, freshly cut grass and artichoke coupled with a balanced light to medium spicy and pungent taste.

ELAiKOS Thasitiki Selection EVOO: The ELAIKOS Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Thasitiki variety, is a product which follows the highest standards in the production process and storage. One can discern a medium complex fruity aroma of green olive fruits, freshly cut grass, tomato leaf, artichoke, green almond, flowers and nuts and a moderate intensity in its bitter and spicy taste.

Natural Makris Mixed Olives in Brine: The Natural Makri’s Mixed Olives in brine, of the Konos family business is a product, which combines early and mature ripening olives of the Makri variety. After the first sorting, the fruit is fermented exclusively in brine following the natural fermentation process. The fruit is of medium hardness and crispness with a moderate fibrous texture. When tasted, moderate salinity is encountered, while a sweet aroma and a moderately bitter and mild sour taste emerge. It can accompany ideally fresh salads, pasta, grilled vegetables, white meat or can simply be combined with white dry wine and beer.

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Mix & Match Northern Greece Northern Greece is the geographical part that includes Macedonia and Thrace. Macedonia, and more specifically eastern Macedonia is diverse, with significant mountainous volumes, fertile basins enclosed by hills and several rivers. The climate depends on the morphology of the soil, but in the semi-flat areas approaching the sea breeze of the North Aegean, it is temperate and is suitable for a number of crops such as olive cultivation. With native olive varieties such as Thasitiki and Halkidiki, which derive their name from the nearby island of Thassos and the well-known region of Halkidiki, the Elaikos Blend Selection EVOO is produced, by combining three different varieties (Thasitiki, Halkidiki and Koroneiki)  offering complex fruity aromas and spicy notes. By isolating the Thasitiki variety, known worldwide for the production of the Throumba Thassos table olive, the Elaikos Thasitiki Selection EVOO was created, with rich fruity aromas and flavors. Thrace, the northernmost tip of Greece, has an important mountainous terrain but also semi-flat and lowland areas where the climate is temperate, almost Mediterranean, thanks to the sea breeze of the Thracian Sea. The differentiation of altitude conditions creates local microclimates, where different types of cultivation are hosted, including the olive. Specifically, in the primitive area of Makri, where the Makri olive variety thrives exclusively, is the Konos hill, from which the Konos Premium Edition EVOO derives its name, a monovarietal extra virgin olive oil of the local variety with complex aromas and flavour balance.
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3 x 500ml (16,9 oz) + 520g (300g drained weight + 220g liquid weight)


Halkidiki, Koroneiki, Thasitiki, Makri


October – November 2021

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Elaikos Blend Selection EVOO 2020 Berlin GOOA – Gold 2020 New York IOOC – Gold 2018 London IOOC – Gold 2017 London IOOC – Gold 2017 New York IOOC – Silver Konos Premium Edition EVOO 2020 Athena IOOC – Silver 2019 Evo IOOC – Silver 2018 Athena IOOC – Silver 2018 London IOOC – Gold 2017 Athena IOOC – Gold Elaikos Thasitiki Selection EVOONatural Mixed Olives in Brine 2020 Taste Olymp Awards – Gold

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