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Mix & Match Kaleidoscope


Alsea Selection EVOO: Alsea’s Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a monovarietal product of the Agriniou variety. The fruit is harvested in November having acquired a reddish white colour (turning colour = medium ripe) and is extracted on the same day. The organoleptic properties consist of complex aromas and flavours perfectly balanced in their intensity. In particular, the fruity aroma of freshly cut grass, tomato, banana and forest fruits of delicate intensity is combined with delicate notes of spicy and bitter flavour.

Pamako Organic Monovarietal EVOO: Pamako Organic Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an award-winning product from the Tsounati variety. The ideal climate conditions of the environment and soil and the rigorous application of good practices throughout the entire production chain until the storing of the juice are responsible for the particularly high content of polyphenols. Is accompanied by a medium to intense fruity aroma of nuts, rosemary and flowers with a delicate bitter flavor and medium to intense spicy notes.

Omphacium Organic EVOO: Papadopoulos’ Omphacium Olympia Variety Organic is an award-winning early harvest extra virgin olive oil which is obtained solely from the Olympia-Nemoutiana variety, with certified biological methods. Its juice is rich in polyphenols, known for their beneficial properties to man’s health. Its organoleptic characteristics are distinguished by its medium to intense fruity aroma of freshly cut grass, artichoke, almond, bitter chicory and tomato leaves with a medium to intense bitter flavour and a balanced spicy element in the taste.

Eirini Plomariou Organic EVOO: The award winning unfiltered Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Eirini Plomariou is a unique product due to its method of cultivation and its complex flavors and olfactory impressions which are particular to the Kolovi variety. Early olive harvest coupled with a meticulous oil extraction procedure, storage and bottling are key in distinguishing its complex medium fruity aromas of freshly cut grass, herbs, artichoke and bitter almond as well as a medium intensity of spicy and bitter taste.

Elaikos Megaritiki Selection EVOO: The Elaikos Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Megaritiki variety, is a product which follows the highest standards in the production process and storage. One can discern a complex fruity aroma of red fruits, flowers, citrus fruit and fresh herbs and a moderate intensity in its bitter and spicy taste.

Konos Premium Edition EVOO: The Extra Virgin Olive Oil KONOS Premium Edition of the Makri variety, is produced under the strictest standards and practices, with constant control over all production stages. Distinguished for the complexity of its aromas with a medium fruity aroma of flowers, apple, berries, tomato leafs, freshly cut grass and artichoke coupled with a balanced light to medium spicy and pungent taste.

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Mix & Match Kaleidoscope

Crossing Greece from end to end, we selected a product from six different geographical areas, composing a kaleidoscope of varieties, flavors and aromas.

We combined organic with conventional cultivation, giving the consumer the opportunity to get to know and compare at the same time 6 different varieties of olives, which have been grown in different places and in different ways.

It is a distillate of the Greek land and the tireless efforts of Greek producers with passion and dedication to the cultivation of the sacred fruit.

The Mix & Match Kaleidoscope comprises the varieties of Agriniou, Tsounati, Nemoutiana, Kolovi, Megaritiki and Makri.

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Weight 5.465 kg

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Conventional, Organic


6 x 500ml (16,9 oz)


Agriniou, Tsounati, Olympia, Kolovi, Megaritiki, Makri


2020 – 2021

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Alsea Selection EVOO
2019 London IOOC – Gold
2019 Athena IOOC – Bronze
2019 Los Angeles IOOC – Silver
2019 Olive Japan IOOC – Silver
2019 Terra Olivo IOOC – Prestige Gold
2018 Terra Olivo IOOC – Prestige Gold
2017 Terra Olivo IOOC – Prestige Gold

Pamako Organic Monovarietal EVOO
2020 Evo IOOC – Gold
2020 New York IOOC – Gold
2019 Armonia IOOC – Gran Mention-Medium Fruity
2019 Terra Olivo IOOC – Grand Prestige Gold
2019 Evo IOOC – Gold
2019 New York IOOC – Gold
2019 Athena IOOC – Silver
2019 Joop – Gold
2019 London IOOC – Bronze
2018 New York IOOC – Gold
2018 London IOOC – Gold
2018 Leone D’οro IOOC – Gran Menzione
2018 Evo IOOC – Silver
2018 Athena IOOC – Silver
2017 Biol IOOC – Gold
2017 Athena IOOC – Silver
2017 London IOOC – Gold

Omphacium Organic EVOO
2020 Olive Japan IOOC – Gold
2020 Berlin GOOA – Gold
2018 Biol IOOC – Extra Gold
2018 EVO IOOC – Gold
2018 Athena IOOC – Double Gold
2018 Athena IOOC – Best Organic Worldwide
2018 Athena IOOC – Best of Greece
2018 Athena IOOC – Best of Peloponnese
2018 NYIOOC – Gold
2018 Olive Japan IOOC – Gold
2017 Biol Novello – Extra Gold
2017 NYIOOC – Silver
2016 Athena IOOC – Gold
2016 NYIOOC – Gold
2016 Olive Japan IOOC – Silver
2016 Olivinus IOOC – Grand Prestige

Eirini Plomariou Organic EVOO
2020 Berlin GOOA – Silver
2018 Athena IOOC – Gold
2018 Athena IOOC – Best entry per variety
2017 Biol 2017 IOOC – Silver
2017 New York IOOC – Silver
2016 Biol IOOC – Gold
2016 Athena IOOC – Gold
2015 Biol IOOC – Extra Gold
2015 New York IOOC – Gold
2014 Biol IOOC – Extra Gold
2014 Los Angeles IOOC – Silver
2013 Biol IOOC – Silver
2012 Biol IOOC – Silver
2009 Biol IOOC – Gold
2009 Mario Solinas IOOC – Silver

ELAiKOS Selection Megaritiki EVOO
2019 London IOOC – Gold

Konos Premiun Edition EVOO
2019 Evo IOOC – Silver
2018 Athena IOOC – Silver
2018 London IOOC – Gold
2017 Athena IOOC – Gold


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