Mix & Match Kaleidoscope

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Agriston Argilos I Early EVOO: The extra virgin olive oil Agriston Argilos I Early is a monovarietal extra virgin olive oil from the Chalkidiki variety. The fruit is harvested at an unripe stage in early October, yielding high nutritional value to the product as well as unripe aromas of fruits and herbs. This particular variety captures a rich organoleptic profile covering a wide range of flavors, starting with a moderately fruity aroma with notes of unripe almond, characteristic of the Chalkidiki variety, unripe fruit, freshly cut grass and herbs capturing its elegant and fresh character. At the same time a feeling of freshness is sensed on the palate when tasting, accompanied by a medium spicy and a medium to delicate bitter element.

8K Athinolia Premium Organic EVOO: 8K Athinolia Premium Organic is an award-winning monovarietal organic extra virgin olive oil from the Athinolia variety. The particular climate and soil conditions that prevail in this area are known for the production of high quality and nutritional value olive oil. Following consistently all the production stages from tree to the final storage, a balanced and complex organoleptic profile is ensured.  On the nose, medium-intensity fruity aromas of freshly cut grass, citrus fruits and spices emerge, while a discreet presence of pepper follows us, giving a special character to its aroma. The moderately intense bitter sensation in the mouth paves the way for a more intense spicy element with hints of walnut that capture the taste.

Elaikos Megaritiki Selection EVOO: The Elaikos Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Megaritiki variety, is a product which follows the highest standards in the production process and storage. Megaritiki variety has fine and delicate aroma with fruity hints of Soft Red Fruits, banana and fresh herbs. Bitterness and pungency are present and well balanced, with a sweet finish. One can discern a complex fruity aroma of red fruits, flowers, citrus fruit and fresh herbs and a moderate intensity in its bitter and spicy taste.

Ziro Early Harvest Organic EVOO: Ziro Early Harvest Organic is an award-winning monovarietal organic extra virgin olive oil from the Koroneiki variety. The particular climate and soil conditions of the region, contribute decisively to the production of a high quality and nutritional value olive oil. Medium fruity aromas of nuts, herbs, tomato leaves, artichoke, banana and almond emerge while retaining a medium intensity of bitter and spicy flavour in the taste.

Ol’eve Kolovi Early Harvest Organic EVOO: Ol’eve Kolovi Early Harvest Organic is a monovarietal organic extra virgin olive oil from the indigenous Kolovi variety. The model ecosystem as well as the passion of the people who created it, contribute decisively to the organoleptic profile of the product, transporting us through a delicious experience, starting from the intense fruity aroma of freshly cut grass and artichoke, which culminates in the mouth with a moderately bitter and a moderate to intense spicy element with elegant notes of raw nuts, giving it character and leaving a gentle imprint that discreetly escapes from our palette.

Laurel & Flame Fresh Organic EVOO: Laurel & Flame Fresh is an early harvest single variety organic extra virgin olive oil from the emblematic indigenous variety Tsabidolia (tsabi means bunch in Greek), the fruiting of which grows in bunches, hence its name. Enjoy a strong feeling of freshness in the nose from unripe green aromas such as freshly cut grass, fresh herbs, green apple and almond shades which becomes more intense as the olive oil touches the back of the throat creating a medium bitter sensation followed by a more intense spicy element which gently burns the throat.

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Mix & Match Kaleidoscope

Crossing Greece from end to end, we selected a product from six different geographical areas, composing a kaleidoscope of varieties, flavors and aromas.

We combined organic with conventional cultivation, giving the consumer the opportunity to get to know and compare at the same time 6 different varieties of olives, which have been grown in different places and in different ways.

It is a distillate of the Greek land and the tireless efforts of Greek producers with passion and dedication to the cultivation of the sacred fruit.

The Mix & Match Kaleidoscope comprises the varieties of Chalkidikis, Megaritiki, Athinolia, Kolovi, Tsabidolia and Koroneiki.

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Conventional, Organic


6 x 500ml (16,9 oz)


Chalkidikis, Megaritiki, Athinolia, Kolovi, Tsabidolia, Koroneiki



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