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Elaikos Blend Selection EVOO: The Elaikos Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend of three varieties: Thasitiki, Chalkidiki and Koroneiki. Unique for its bright green color as well as for the medium to intense complex fruity aroma of freshly cut grass, green fruits, tomato leaf and artichoke. Distinguished also by a moderately bitter feeling and a more intense spicy taste with notes of pepper and spices.

Elaikos Megaritiki Selection EVOO: The Elaikos Megaritiki Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a product produced solely from the Megaritiki variety. One can discern a complex fruity aroma of red fruits, flowers, citrus fruit and fresh herbs and a moderate intensity in its bitter and spicy taste.

Elaikos Thasitiki Selection EVOO: The Elaikos Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a monovarietal product of the Thasitiki variety, distinguished by a medium complex fruity aroma of green olive fruits, freshly cut grass, tomato leaf, artichoke, green almond, flowers and nuts and a moderate intensity in its bitter and spicy taste.

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Mix & Match Elaikos Society Elaikos Estate is located at Nea Peramos near the city of Kavala in northern Greece at an altitude of 350 metres. The Roumeliotis family have cultivated and produced olive oil for generations bringing a long experience and tradition in today’s activity namely the production of premium quality extra virgin olive oil. The climate conditions and the short distance from the northern Aegean Sea play a key role in the cultivation as well as in the taste and aromas of the olive oil which is unique. The olive harvest begins in October when the fruit is at the right ripening stage, in order to achieve the highest content in phenols, with the optimum oil content in the fruit. The oil extraction follows the cold pressed method in a collaborating two-phase oil mill. The olive oil produced is stored in stainless steel tanks using nitrogen and is bottled in the producer’s own premises. The strictest quality practices implemented ensure a high concentration of antioxidant and phenolic elements in the olive oil. The varieties cultivated are Thasitiki, Chalkidiki, Koroneiki and Megaritiki.
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3 x 500ml (16,9 oz)


Koroneiki, Thasitiki, Halkidiki, Megaritiki


October 2021

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Elaikos Blend Selection EVOO 2020 Berlin GOOA – Gold 2020 New York IOOC – Gold 2018 London IOOC – Gold 2017 London IOOC – Gold 2017 New York IOOC – Silver Elaikos Megaritiki Selection EVOO 2019 London IOOC – Gold Elaikos Thasitiki Selection EVOO

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