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Pamako Organic Blend EVOO: The Pamako Blend Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an award-winning product from the Tsounati (60%) and the Koroneiki (40%) varieties. Rich in phenols and distinguished for its organoleptic properties namely a medium fruity aroma of freshly cut grass, herbs and spices with delicate notes of bitter and medium spicy taste.

OREiNO Marakas Organic EVOO: OREiNO Marakas Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend of the Koroneiki (90%) and the Tsounati (10%) varieties. Its limited production volume and its particular cultivation make it rich in organoleptic characteristics. Namely a moderate to intense fruity aroma of fresh grass, herbs and tomato, with a delicate bitter and spicy flavour creating a harmonious balance.

Ziro Early Harvest EVOO: With a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Ziro Early Harvest EVOO is an award-winning early harvest extra virgin olive oil which is obtained solely from the Koroneiki variety. Distinguished by its medium fruity aroma of freshly cut grass, flowers, artichoke, tomato leaves, green banana and herbs with an equally medium intensity of bitter and spicy elements in the taste.

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Mix & Match Crete Crete, the largest and most populous island on the southern tip of Greece, lies between three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa) and three seas (Aegean, Ionian and Libyan) and is characterized by a temperate climate with imposing mountain ranges and fertile plateaus and lowland. It hosts rich plantations and rare herbs, while the cultivation of olives has always been a traditional activity of the inhabitants, inextricably linked to their way of life. At the eastern end of the island, in the region of Chania, olive trees of the Koroneiki variety are primarily grown, as in the rest of Crete, as well as Tsounati, a primitive variety, known since the Minoan years, which has been cultivated uninterruptedly on the island ever since. In the southern part of this region, in a mountainous and rocky area, with an ideal microclimate and soil composition, Pamako Organic Blend EVOO is produced. It combines almost in balance the two local varieties, emerging aromas and flavors influenced by the flora of the Cretan land. North of the county, in a semi-flat area where the climate is particularly dry, combining mainly the Koroneiki and to a lesser extent the Tsounati variety, Oreino Marakas Organic EVOO was created, a balanced olive oil with rich flavoring characteristics. In the fertile plateau of Ziros in Sitia, in the region of Lassithi, at the northeastern tip of Crete and at an altitude of 600 meters, extend the olive groves of Koroneiki variety. In an area of particular geophysical value – within the Sitia Geopark which is part of the UNESCO World Geoparks Network and a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for the production of olive oil, Ziro Early Harvest EVOO is produced.
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3 x 500ml (16,9 oz)


Tsounati, Koroneiki


October 2021

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