Dr Kavvadia Organic EVOO 100ml


Dr. Kavvadia Organic EVOO is an award-winning monovarietal organic extra virgin olive oil from the Lianolia variety. The unique microclimate, the soil and altitude conditions of the area as well as the consistency in all stages of production until the final standardization, ensure the high quality of the final product awarding it the health claim certification by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Emerging medium fruity aromas of almond, artichoke, freshly cut grass, thyme, red pepper and radish, it balances at the same time with a medium intensity bitter and spicy element in the taste.

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Dr Kavvadia – Dr Kavvadia Organic EVOO

The company started its activity in 2011, with the return of its founder, Apostolos Porsanidis-Kavvadias from Paris, where he lived and worked as an industrial designer. Based in the village of Tzavros on the east side of central Corfu, the olive groves are scattered in the wider area of central Corfu, in the villages of Poulades and Skripero.

The centuries old family olive groves are located in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas, on sloping soils, of clay and stone in texture, which favors the draining of the water while enjoying the mild and sunny climate of the area. Dr. Kavvadia Organic EVOO derives its name from the owner’s grandfather, an orthopaedist by profession and a lover of the cultivation and production of quality extra virgin olive oil, which he considered equally beneficial to a medicine. With respect to the knowledge and experience inherited by the grandfather and in combination with the modern cultivation methods required by organic farming, the olive groves grow in a healthy and balanced ecosystem while bearing the certification of GREEN CONTROL.

The olive harvest is carried out solely by mechanical means, from the beginning of October until usually the beginning of November, when the fruit is still unripe. The oil extraction is performed on the day of harvest and follows the cold pressed method in two cooperating olive mills which meet the required specifications. Storage in stainless steel tanks and under controlled temperature conditions ensure the rich organoleptic profile of the final product.

The variety cultivated for the production of Dr Kavvadia Organic EVOO is Lianolia.


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