Calypso Single Varietal Organic EVOO


Calypso Single Varietal Organic EVOO is a monovarietal organic extra virgin olive oil from the native variety of Makris. The uniqueness of the Makris variety as well as the limited quantity in production make it a rare gastronomic delight.

A moderate to intense fruity aroma emerges on the nose with aromas of freshly cut grass, unripe fruit, tomato leaves and eucalyptus while a subtle presence of green pepper which complements the moderately spicy sensation in the mouth. The milder bitter sensation harmoniously balances the fruity aroma and spiciness on the palate.

Calypso Olive Oil – Calypso Single Varietal Organic EVOO

At the easternmost tip of Greece, in the village of Makri where the renowned ancient “Olive Grove of Makris” is situated, in a landscape characterized by a unique microclimate, combining the sea breeze of the Thracian Sea, the diversity of soils and altitudes, and mild temperatures throughout the year, are the centuries-old olive trees of the Zoidis family. With four generations of tradition in the cultivation and production of organic extra virgin olive oil, but above all with a deep awareness of the cultural heritage of this place, the family follows sustainable methods of autonomous management to preserve the local biodiversity, thus preserving a living ecosystem of centuries.

The small-scale specialized cultivation of 1000 olive trees highlights the importance of the ancient olive trees of Makri. The choice of the distinctive name “Calypso” refers on the one hand to grandmother Calypso, who was the central figure of the Zoidis family, as she dedicated her life to the cultivation of olive trees, passing on to the next generations the values of love and respect for nature, and on the other hand to the mythical figure of the Nymph Calypso, a seductive figure according to Homer, a symbol of prosperity and well-being.

Harvesting begins in early October and is carried out exclusively by hand, just before the fruit ripens. The olive extraction is performed on the harvest day, following the cold pressed method in a cooperating two-phase olive mill.

The variety cultivated for the production of Calypso Single Varietal Organic EVOO is Makris.

Additional information
Weight 0.999 kg





500 ml

Geographical area



Evros – Aleksandroupoli





Peroxide Value

6.3, mEq O2/kg


October 2023

Best Before

April 2025

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Athena IOOC



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