8K Koroneiki Premium EVOO


8K Koroneiki Premium EVOO is a monovarietal extra virgin olive oil from the Koroneiki variety. Harvesting takes place from the beginning of November, giving high nutritional value to the product as well as a combination of aromas singular to the specific variety due to the unique microclimate of the region Laconia.

A medium to intense fruity aroma of freshly cut grass, green apple, artichoke and tomato captures our sense of smell, gradually releasing a moderately spicy sensation with hints of walnut while a milder bitter element can be discerned in the throat.

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8K Olive Oil – 8K Koroneiki Premium EVOO

The company 8K, namely 8 thousand, acquired its name from the history of eight thousand years of existence of the olive tree in the Mediterranean region. It is a family business with a long tradition in olive growing and in the production of high quality organic extra virgin olive oil. The olive groves are located in the area of Monemvasia, in the region of Laconia in the south Peloponnese, at an altitude of 300 meters, in a semi-rocky landscape, with an ideal microclimate for the cultivation of olive trees.

Following the strictest practices required by organic farming, only natural organic fertilizer is used from the sheep found in the olive groves who are responsible both for the fertilization and the cleaning of the olive groves from dry and wild grasses.

The olive harvest begins in October when the fruit is still unripe and is carried out exclusively by mechanical methods. The olive extraction is performed on the harvest day, following the cold pressed method in a cooperating two-phase small-scale olive mill. The natural juice obtained is rich in aromas and flavours and after filtering, it is stored in stainless steel tanks at ideal temperature conditions to ensure its duration over time.

The variety cultivated for the production of 8K Koroneiki Premium EVOO is Koroneiki.

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Weight 0.988 kg

500 ml


Extra Virgin



Geographical area








Peroxide Value

2.4, mEq O2/kg


November 2023

Best Before

June 2025

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