Olive Epitome

Create your account and start earning points.
Use your points for discounts on your next orders.

How it works


Create your personal account
and start earning points

Earn points

Earn points with
every new order

Use your points

Use your points
and earn discounts
for your next orders

How do i earn points?

For every 1(euro) spent you win 1point

For every 20 points you get a discount up to 1(euro) at your next order.

You can use your points anyway you like.
Use them for your next order or
keep them and use them at future orders for even a bigger discount.

You can see how many points you have at your personal account page

How to use your points at the cart

If you are looged in to your account you will see at the cart
the numbers of points you have
and the discount you will get if you use all your points.

You can also see the amount of points you will earn with your current order.

and a box will appear in which you
can type the amount of points you want to use.
Then click on the “APPLY DISCOUNT” button.

At the cart totals you will see the discount you get
from the points you have used.
You can always remove the discount and keep or change the points you want to use
by clicking on the  [remove] link.